League of Legends Update 9.13: New Champion Qiyana and Teamfight Tactics Game Mode

RIOT Games have released Update 9.13 for League of Legends. The update introduces a new high-mobility champion Qiyana and the new game mode Teamfight Tactics. Besides that, the update includes balance changes to a number of champions and items, as well as new skins. The full list of changes is available on the official website.

The new champion Qiyana will become available on June 28th. Teamfight Tactics, a mode heavily inspired by Dota Auto Chess, will be released in several waves:

  • June 26th – Oceania, Japan
  • June 27th – North America, Turkey, Russia, Europe Nordic & East/West
  • June 28th – Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan
  • June 29th – Brazil, Latin America Norht/South
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