OG Will Participate in The International 2018

The regional qualifiers for The International 2018 have concluded in Europe, with OG defeating Wind and Rain 3-1 in the grand finals to secure the only ticket to the world championship.

The closed stage of the European qualifiers was held on June 22-25. There were eight teams competing, four of them were directly invited – Team Kinguin, The Final Tribe, Kingdra and Singularity Esports, while OG, Wind and Rain, BlinkPool and Alliance made it through the open qualifiers. As in other regions, they competed in a single round-robin group, from which top four teams advanced to the double-elimination playoffs bracket with best-of-three series and best-of-five finals. OG finished the group stage without a single loss, and then they defeated Team Kinguin (2-0) in the semifinals and outplayed Wind and Rain twice – in the winners’ finals and in the grand finals.

Group Stage:

1. OG 7-0
2. Wind and Rain 5-2
3. BlinkPool 4-2
4. Team Kinguin 4-3
5. Alliance 3-4
6. Singularity Esports 2-5
7. The Final Tribe 1-5
8. Kingdra 1-6


Qualifier Results:

Place Qualified Team
1st + OG
2nd - Wind and Rain
3rd - BlinkPool
4th - Team Kinguin
5th-8th - Alliance, Singularity Esports, The Final Tribe, Kingdra
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