Overwatch Newest Hero Sigma is on the Test Server

Overwatch Newest Hero Sigma is on the Test Server

The recently teased Overwatch character Sigma has been released on the Public Test Server. Sigma is a main tank with shield and crowd-control abilities.

Sigma Abilities:

  • HYPERSPHERES: Sigma launches two gravitic charges, which bounce off walls and implode after a short duration, damaging enemies within a sizable radius.
  • EXPERIMENTAL BARRIER: Sigma propels a floating barrier to a location of his choosing. He can dismiss the barrier at any time.
  • KINETIC GRASP: Sigma freezes incoming projectiles in midair, converting them into shields.
  • ACCRETION: Sigma gathers a mass of debris and flings it at an enemy to knock them down.
  • GRAVITIC FLUX: Unleashing his full powers, Sigma takes flight, lifts enemies in a targeted area, and launches them into the sky before slamming them back down.

Earlier Blizzard announced that Overwatch will get a role-based matchmaking, which means that each team will consist of two tanks, two damage-dealers and two supports. These changes will affect the professional scene.

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