Overwatch Update: New Map Paris

Overwatch Update: New Map Paris

Overwatch has received a new update, which added a new assault map to the game and introduced adjustments to how health, shield, and armour are subtracted.

New Assault Map – Paris

The map has been available on the Test Server since January 31st.


Non-recoverable health, shields, and armour are now consumed before recoverable health, shields, and armour.

  • Previous priority order:: non-recoverable shields, recoverable shields, non-recoverable armour, recoverable armour, non-recoverable health, and recoverable health
  • New priority order:: non-recoverable shields, non-recoverable armour, non-recoverable health, recoverable shields, recoverable armour, and recoverable health

The update also includes multiple bug fixes, which can be found in the official changelog.

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