PUBG Nations Cup 2019 with $500,000 at Stake to be Held this Weekend

PUBG Nations Cup 2019 with $500,000 at Stake to be Held this Weekend

This weekend Seoul, the capital of South Korea, will host PUBG Nations Cup 2019. The event’s prize pool is set at $500,000 prize pool. It will be held on August 9th-11th at Jangchung Arena, which can sit up to 4,500 viewers.

The tournament’s line-up consists of 16 national teams, that have been composed of best players from their regions – each team includes four players and one coach. The teams look as follows:

Country Roster
Argentina SzylzEN, P0me, RiboxD, Ernzxr, Patt
Australia luke12, Zoidm8, Vasili, Insight, Nutshot
Brazil And1FPS, Rdnx, Rustyzera, Rogi_, Nananga
Canada Kaymind, DrasseL, Meluke, Moody, Didz
China Dec12th, Mad98, GodV, Summer, Cameal
Finland Mxey, Sambty, Jembty, Tiikzu, SKUIJKE
Germany Itzz_ChriZZ, Braexco, Caint, UdyrMayFire, CupofMagic
Japan Dep, gabha, SSeeS, CiNVe, DMM Games
Russia ubah, ADOUZ1E, Kemba7, Ceh9, Dyrem
South Korea Pio, Inonix, Loki, Aqua5, WatchinU
Thailand MinORu, ShippyS, DUCKMANZ, ThanawatTH, voo
Turkey SIX-MO, Iroh, Mert, AbeautfulD, Dr1LL
United Kingdom Realzx, MykL, Vard, MiracU, Microstar
United States Sharky, Zanpah, Valliate, Bahawaka, Jabroni
Vietnam Sapauu, Nhism, Leviz, Basill, DjChip
Chinese Taipei Leo, SR, Milk, ChiaWei, AfteR

According to GG.Bet’s outright odds, South Korea, Germany, and Finland have the highest chances to win the event. The South Korean team includes two Gen.G players – Loki and Pio – who recently emerged victorious at the local events MET Asia Series and PUBG Korea League 2019 Phase 2. The German team includes Itzz_ChrizZ, Braexco and Caint, who have been playing together since April 2018 and are currently representing G2 Esports. Lately they placed 4th at PUBG Europe League 2019 Phase 2 and 5th at GLL Grand Slam. As for the Finnish team, it includes Sambty and Jembty from Team Liquid, who earlier this year emerged victorious at PUBG Europe League 2019 Kick-off Cup, as well as placed 3rd at FACEIT Global Summit and 4th at GLL Grand Slam. Among other teams that include notable players are Russia, Australia and USA.

Each day the teams will participate in 5 matches, which will begin on 9:00 AM BST. The matches will be played on Erangel and Miramar only. The event will be streamed on the official PUBG Twitch channel.

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