PUBG Update 27: Survivor Pass, New Weapon and Balance Changes

A new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update has been deployed to live servers, introducing a new Survivor Pass, a new weapon MPK5K and a number of balance changes. The main features of the update are listed below.

  • Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card has been added to the game and will last until June 4th. The premium version of the pass offers over 60 unique rewards. Compared to the previous pass, the new one has the similar quest system but the quests themselves are easier to complete.
  • New weapon MP5K has been added to Vikendi, replacing Vector. This sub-machine gun uses 9mm ammo and is compatible with all attachments types. The standard magazine comes with 30 rounds and can be extended to 40 rounds.
  • Weapon Balance: Vector now uses 9mm ammo, magazine capacity has been increased to 19/33 from 13/25.UMP45 now uses 45ACP ammo, magazine capacity has been decreased to 25/35 from 30/40. SMG and Pistol attachments have been combined and can now be used on both weapon types. The overall aim punch has been decreased, first aid kits now restore health over a 2 second period.
  • Erangel Loot Changes: the overall item spawn rate on Erangel has been increased, in particular it will be easier to find ARs, DMRs and SMGs.
  • Flare Gun Changes: removed map icons and on-screen messages indicating incoming special care packages, reduced Flare Gun spawn rate to an average of 3 per game on all maps, now only 2 sets of special care packages and 2 armoured UAZ can be called in per game total (down from 3).
  • User Interface has been redesigned.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.

The full list of changes can be found on the official website.

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