Quake Champions Update: New Game Mode, New Champion and Arcade Modes

Quake Champions has received a new major update, which includes a new game mode Slipgate, a new high-mobility champion Anthena, as well as a rotation of weekly Arcade Modes.


The new game mode Slipgate features two teams of four players each. They fight for a demon portal: while one team tries to protect it, the other one has to attack it. Each player starts with full hp and armour values, as well as all weapons. When a player dies, he has to wait for the start of the next round to resurrect.

New Champion: Athena

Athena is a fragile but highly mobile champion. Her starting stats are as follows:

  • Health: 125/100
  • Armor: 0/50
  • Speed: 320

Her active ability Grappling Hook had three charges and launches a hook to the target location and pulls Athena towards it. Her passive ability is Ramp Jump, which allows her to jump much higher when she is near the end of a ramp or step.

Arcade Modes

This update also introduced Arcade Modes, which will rotate each week. Arcade Modes change the usual flow of the game – for example, some of them will change champions abilities, while the others will alter some gameplay mechanics.

The rest of the changes, which include new skins, performance improvements and bug fixes, can be found on the official website.

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