Raisy Defeats Rapha in the Grand Finals of Italian Esports Open 2018

Raisy Defeats Rapha in the Grand Finals of Italian Esports Open 2018

A Quake Champions LAN-event Italian Esports Open 2018 organized by ESL Italy has completed. In the grand finals the North American player Shane "rapha" Hendrixson defeated his opponent from Hungary Adrián "RAISY" Birgány, receiving $2,500 in prize money. Both players qualified for the DreamHack Winter 2018 duel tournament.

The event was held from October 31st – November 1st in Lucca, Italy. The tournament’s line-up included 9 invited players, among which were clawz, cYpheR, k1llsen, rapha, Xron, Cooler, GaRpY, RAISY and vengeurR, as well as one player that made it through the Italian qualifier – polterizer. The prize pool of the event was set at $7,250, the players also competed for 4 tickets to DreamHack Winter 2018.

The competition consisted of two stages. k1llsen and clawz were directly invited to the second stage of the event, while the other eight players started the competition from the first stage. During the group stage, the players were seeded into two GSL groups with best-of-three regular matches and best-of-five grand finals. Then the winner of each group made it to the double-elimination playoffs bracket, where they faced the two invited players. In the grand finals the lower bracket player needed to win two best-of-three series to win the event.

In Group A the best result was shown by raphe, who managed to outplay GaRpY (2:0), Xron (2:0) and vengeurR (3:1). In Group B the first place was secured by RAISY by defeating cYpheR (2:0), Cooler (2:0) and cYpheR (3:2).

In the playoffs rapha made it to the finals through the upper bracket – he defeated clawz (2:0) in the semifinals and k1llsen (2:0) in the winner’s finals. RAISY lost his very first match against k1llsen (1:2), but then in the lower bracket defeated clawz (2:0) and k1llsen (2:1). In the grand finals RAISY managed to win two best-of-three series – he defeated raphe with the scores of 2-1 and 2-0.

Playoffs Bracket:

Tournament Results:

Place $ USD Seed Player
1st $2,500 DHW 2018 RAISY
2nd $1,750 DHW 2018 rapha
3rd $1,250 DHW 2018 k1llsen
4th $750 DHW 2018 clawz
5th-6th $500 - vengeurR, cYpheR
7th-8th - - Xron, Cooler
9th-10th - - GaRpY, polterizer

DreamHack Winter 2018: Duel will be held on November 30th – December 2nd in Jönköping, Sweden. Sixteen players will compete for their share of a $80,000 prize pool.

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