Regional Qualifiers for The Bucharest Minor Completed in All Regions

Yesterday the closed qualifiers for the upcoming Dota 2 event The Bucharest Minor completed in all six regions, determining all eight participants of the minor.

The qualifiers in all regions were held on December 3rd – 5th. Europe was the only region to feature six teams competing in both the group stage and the playoffs. During the group stage, the European team competed in two round-robin groups with best-of-two series. The bottom team from each group was eliminated, while the others made it to the double-elimination playoffs bracket with best-of-three series. All other region featured four teams competing in double-elimination brackets with best-of-three series. Europe and China will be represented by two teams each, while North America, South America, CIS and Southeast Asia got only one spot at the minor. Detailed results of the qualifiers can be seen below.

Qualifier Results

North America

Playoffs Bracket:

South America

Playoffs Bracket:


Group Stage:
Group A Group B
1. Ninjas in Pyjamas 4-0 1. OG 4-1
2. Vega Squadron 2-3 2. The Final Tribe 3-2
3. Hippomaniacs 1-4 3. Helsinki REDS 0-4
Playoffs Bracket:


Playoffs Bracket:


Playoffs Bracket:

Southeast Asia

Playoffs Bracket:

Qualified Teams:

  • North America: TEAM TEAM
  • South America: Playmakers Esports
  • Europe: OG, Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • CIS: Gambit Esports
  • China: Keen Gaming, EHOME
  • Southeast Asia: BOOD ID

The Bucharest Minor will be held in Bucharest, Romania on January 9th - 13th. It will feature a $300,000 prize pool, the participants will also compete for 500 Pro Circuit Points and 1 ticket to The Chongqing Major.

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