Riot Games to Host the European Cup in 2018

Riot Games to Host the European Cup in 2018

As we reported earlier, Riot Games want to make the 2018 season a transition period for EU LCS with the goal of it becoming a franchise league. Among other things, the developers stressed that they want to support the regional leagues and introduce the new pan-European tournament. Recently Riot shared more light on their plans for the regional scene in Europe.

Next year there will be various regional leagues held in different countries or regions by third parties with the support of Riot. First these leagues were introduced in 2016 as a place for new players to compete. For the upcoming season Riot already listed 10 regional leagues, including:

  • France
  • Germany, Australia, Switzerland
  • Nordics
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • UK
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Balkans
  • Czechia, Slovakia

Please note, that leagues in different regions can have different format and dates. Riot also noted that they want to open regional leagues all across Europe and are in talks with potential partners, meaning that the list above is not final and will be expanded. Regional leagues will determine the participants of the European Cup, which will be held twice a year – at the end of the Spring Split and the Summer Split. Thus, the first event will be held in April, with the second one taking place in September. More information about the format of the tournaments will be revealed later.

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