Serral Is the Winner of 2019 GSL vs. the World

Serral Is the Winner of 2019 GSL vs. the World

Joona "Serral" Sotala has become the winner of 2019 GSL vs. the World, the second global StarCraft II event of the current season. In the grand finals of the $80,000 event he defeated Mikołaj "Elazer" Ogonowski with the 4-2 score.

2019 GSL vs. the World was held on August 15-18th in Seoul, South Korea. As the name suggests, the event featured eight players from the South Korean league GSL, among which were Classic, Maru, Dark, Stats, FanTaSy, soO, Trap, and TY, as well as eight players from the rest of the world, including Neeb, SpeCial, Serral, ShoWTimE, HeRoMaRinE, Elazer, Reynor, and TIME. These players competed in a single-elimination playoffs bracket, where most of the series were best-of-five and the final was best-of-seven.

Playoffs Bracket:

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Tournament Results:

Place $ USD Player
1st $25,000 Serral
2nd $10,000 Elazer
3rd-4th $5,800 Neeb, Classic
5th-8th $4,100 TIME, Stats, Trap, Special
9th-16th $2,500 Dark, soO, Maru, ShoWTimE, TY, HeRoMaRinE, Reynor, FanTaSy
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