The International 2019 Battle Pass Has Been Released

The International 2019 Battle Pass Has Been Released

Valve has released the new Battle Pass for The International 2019. The standard variant is available for $9,99. In addition to it, players can purchase level 50 bundle for $29.35 and level 100 bundle $44.99. Additional levels will cost you $9,99 per 24 levels. As custom has it, 25% of sales go to The International 2019 prize pool – less than 24-hours after release, the prize pool has increased from $1.6 million to about $6 million, which is way faster compared to the last year.

In addition to usual features, such as rewards for levelling, fantasy league, bracket predictions, wagering, ranked roles, arcana votes and others, this year’s Battle Pass has a number of new features, among which are:

New Features

  • Special event Wrath of the Mo’Rokai (Coming Soon), where two teams need to feed their mystic beasts by killing heroes and destroying objects to increase the beast’s power and unlock shared abilities. The winner gets Battle Points.
  • Quest chain Jungle Expedition – win games with specific heroes and unlock your way to the treasures. Among rewards are exclusive item sets, Battle Points and special bonuses.
  • Coach’s Challenge - queue as a coach and lead your team to victory. The team will be able to rate your coaching abilities. Increase your coaching rank and get additional Battle Points.
  • Party Finder allows to add players you want to play with in your special pool without expanding you Steam Friends List. If you want to form a group, simply click one button and everyone in your pool can join you.
  • The Avoid Player feature allows you to add players you don’t want to see again in your games in an Avoid Player list.
  • MVP Vote - as a match ends, players will be able to vote for a Most Valuable Player among the winning team. Get enough MVP awards to unlock an achievement and receive additional Battle Points.
  • Avatar Banner - plant a banner with your hero portrait or your Steam avatar.
  • Revamped and improved Versus Screen, which showcases both teams before a match starts.
  • New Assistant Features, including camp stacking assistant, ward suggester and damage summary.

To learn more about this year’s Battle Pass features and rewards, go to the official webpage.

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