Valve Started to Ban Cheaters in Dota 2

Valve announced that they started to ban players who use cheats, such as auto-hex scripting. According to their statement in Twitter, this is only the first wave of bans – in the coming weeks more malicious players will be permanently banned from matchmaking.

Cheating programs have been available for Dota 2 for many years, but the issue was raised lately by various media persons, including by Russian caster and analyst and ex-player Yaroslav "NS" Kuznetsov, who released a video with him testing one of the cheat programs. The video showed that not only the program allows to do many things a player is not supposed to, it appeared that the anti-cheat system was not able to recognize it, thus he wasn’t banned even though he had been playing with the cheat on for many days.

It looks like Valve are hard at improving the playerbase of Dota 2 – earlier the developers introduced the 6-month bans for bad behavior in matchmaking, and now they are starting to ban cheaters. Which should be good for any online game, especially for such complex and competitive game as Dota 2.