VGJ.Storm, Evil Geniuses and OpTic Gaming Qualified for The International 2018

The last regional qualifier for The International 2018 has concluded in North America, determining the last three teams that will participate in the upcoming world championship. In two month VGJ.Storm, Evil Geniuses and OpTic Gaming will travel to Vancouver, Canada to compete for their share of a $15,500,000+ prize pool.

Unlike the other regions, North American teams competed for three tickets to TI8. The first ticket was granted to the team placed first in the group stage, which was held in a round-robin format with best-of-one series. Then the teams placed 2nd-5th competed in a double-elimination playoffs with the best-of-three series for the remaining two tickets.

As three teams finished the group stage with the 6-1 score and two teams with the 2-5 score, there were tiebreakers for the first place and for the fifth place. VGJ.Storm managed to defeat both OpTic Gaming and compLexity, advancing to The International 2018 from the first place in qualifiers, while Immortals defeated Team Baidu to advance to the playoffs. Evil Geniuses secured the second place by defeating compLexity (2-0) in the semifinals and Immortal (2-0) in the winners’ finals. OpTic Gaming started the playoffs stage with a 1-2 loss versus Immortals, but then managed to bounce back and defeat 2-0 both coL and Immortals in the lower bracket, getting the final place at the world championship.

Group Stage:

1. VGJ.Storm 6-1
2. OpTic Gaming 5-1
3. compLexity Gaming 5-2
4. Evil Geniuses 4-3
5. Immortals 2-4
6. Team Baidu 2-4
7. Jsut a Squad 2-5
8. Team Leviathan 0-6

1st-3rd Tiebreaker

1. VGJ.Storm 2-0
2. OpTic Gaming 1-1
3. compLexity Gaming 0-2

5th-6th Tiebreaker

5. VGJ.Storm 1-0
6. OpTic Gaming 0-1


Qualifier Results:

Place Qualified Team
1st + VGJ.Storm
2nd + Evil Geniuses
3rd + OpTic Gaming
4th - Immortals
5th - compLexity Gaming
6th-8th - Team Baidu, Jsut a Squad, Team Leviathan
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