and Natus Vincere Qualified for DreamLeague Season 11 and Natus Vincere Qualified for DreamLeague Season 11 and Natus Vincere have qualified from the CIS region for the third major Dota 2 tournament of the season – DreamLeague Season 11. This March they will travel to Stockholm, Sweden to compete for a $1,000,000 prize pool and 15,000 DPC points.

The closed qualifier in CIS region was held on February 1-3. First, eight participating teams have been seeded into two GSL groups with best-of-three series. Then top two teams from each group made it to the upper bracket, while the other teams advanced to the lower bracket. All playoffs matches were best-of-three. have finished the qualifier without a single lost map – in Group B they placed first after defeating Winstrike and Pavaga Gaming, successfully qualifying for the upper bracket, where they outplayed Gambit Esports twice – in the semifinals and in the winners’ finals. As for Natus Vincere, they had a much bumpier ride – in Group A they lost to Gambit Esports (0:2), defeated Pavaga Junior (2:1) and lost The Pango (1:2), placing third and advancing to the lower bracket. In the playoffs stage Na`Vi outplayed The Pango (2:1), Old But Gold (2:0) and Gambit Esports (2:0).

Group Stage:

Group A Group B
1. Gambit Esports 2-0 4-1 1. 2-0 4-0
2. The Pango 2-1 5-3 2. Old But Gold 2-1 5-3
3. Natus Vincere 1-2 3-5 3. Pavaga Gaming 1-2 2-5
4. Pavaga Junior 0-2 1-4 4. Winstrike Team 0-2 1-4

Playoffs Bracket:

Tournament Results:

Place Qualified Team
1st +
2nd + Natus Vincere
3rd - Gambit Esports
4th - Old But Gold
5th-6th - The Pango, Pavaga Gaming
7th-8th - Winstrike Team, Pavaga Junior
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