Tennis Betting in Canada

Tennis betting in Canada
Tennis matches

GGBet remains a top pick for tennis betting in Canada. We cover all the important tennis events: Ronald Garros, ATP, ITF, UTR Pro Tennis Series, WTA, Grand Slam matches, and many more. GGBet lets you bet on these and other tournaments with several betting lines: match winners, outrights, handicaps, totals, etc. Moreover, thanks to our thorough pre-match calculations, the odds are always at their highest.

Improve your analysis with the stats center that lets you see the upcoming and previous tennis matches. The live betting section makes it possible to make a bet even if the game is already in process.

Keep reading to discover how these and other GGBet benefits make our tennis betting site the best for Canadian bettors.

All Grand Tournaments to Bet on Tennis

Major tennis events attract thousands of viewers and bettors, showcasing some of the best tennis athletes. That’s why GGBet introduces unique event-related promotions and bonuses, making their betting more profitable.

The best thing is GGBet never misses a single big tennis tournament. All year round, our site is full of world-class events. Hence you will always have where to put a couple of tennis bets. Here are some of the most anticipated annual competitions.

Australian Open

Since 1905, one of the biggest tennis events, the Australia Open (the first Grand Slam event), has taken place in Melbourne (Australia) annually, starting on January 16th and finishing on January 29th. Within this time, 128 singles players and 64 doubles teams will compete to win the prize of 80,000,000 Australian Dollars. GGBet features several rare betting lines for the Australian Open: sets to win, odd/even, and total games won. And, of course, you can expect to see some of the best tennis odds here.

French Open

The French Open is the next Grand Slam tennis event with a unique place at GGBet. Like the previous competition, it invites 128 singles players and 64 doubles teams and lets them compete for two weeks starting in late May. The prize pool for the French Open is a stunning €40,000,000+. When French Open starts, thousands of Canadian fans visit our bookmaker to capitalize off its crazy odds and betting markets.


The following event in the Grand Slam series is the Wimbledon. It starts in June and goes on for a few weeks. As you can guess from its name, the home for this event is the United Kingdom, London. There are 608 participants for Wimbledon across singles, doubles, and mixed doubles tournaments, and the prize pool to divide among them is £40,000,000+.

US Open

US Open is the final Grand Slam event, taking time at the end of August and beginning of September. Since 1978, the tournament has been conducted in the New York suburbs: Queens. Annually, 128 singles players and 64 doubles teams visit the event and try to win a part of the $50,000,000+ prize. Visit GGBet when the summer ends and get a fantastic opportunity to win cash betting on US Open.

WTA Tour

And, of course, tennis betting enthusiasts are free to bet on the WTA Tour with us. This competitive series consists of a couple of segments: WTA250, WTA500, WTA1000, Year-end Championships, and Grand Slam Tournaments. WTA Tour stretches throughout the entire year. And so it is constantly available at GGBet and ready to take your bets. Take advantage of the event’s high odds and betting markets anytime.

Explanation of Tennis Betting

Tennis betting is adored by many viewers thanks to its balanced rules. There are two match types: singles (1v1) and doubles (2v2). The game’s objective is simple: get more score points and wins sets faster than the opponent.

The number of sets to win differs based on the playing genders. Thus, women must score 2 sets to win, while men need 3. Gameplay between sets is divided into “games.” When the first game starts, the ball will be served by a single player (team) until it ends.

To win a game, a player (team) must score four points and be at least 2 points ahead of the opponent. After the game has ended, the ball is passed to another player (team) who will serve it in the upcoming game. Once a player (team) has won six games and is at least 2 games ahead, they win a set.

To start applying the knowledge of rules on tennis betting, you first must create a GGBet account. Do it by clicking the “Sign-Up” button in the upper right corner of the screen. Then register via phone/email or social networks (Google, Facebook. Steam, or Twitter).

When you’ve become a full-fledged GGBet member, find tennis among the available sports. It will take you to the page displaying all the available matches. Find the one you are interested in and click it (right above the participants’ names). And now, you can choose a betting market and wager. To do it, click the odd number representing your wager.

Take Advantage of Live Betting on Tennis Matches

At GGBet, we also provide live betting options. With its help, you can do online tennis betting on the already started matches. Live betting allows you to never miss any bets. Additionally, it is a great chance to analyze how the match started and then wager.

However, remember that during live bets, odds constantly shift. So you need to track it always. Otherwise, you can be unsatisfied with the presented odds.

Tennis Odds: How Does It Work?

Making accurate and high tennis odds is one of our priorities. For this, we do some of the most comprehensive pre-game analyses. Let’s see it in the example of the Jessica Bouzas Maneiro vs. Fiona Ferro match within the Roland Garros event.

GGBet allows you to bet on the correct match’s score. For the outcome with 0:2 in Fiona’s favor, the odds are 2.41. While for the 0:2 in favor of Jessica, the odds are 3.58. Hence, drawing on the pre-game analysis (examining competitors’ previous matches, training, injuries, mental state, etc.), we think Fiona is a favorite with more chances of scoring 2 sets first.

The most popular and best tennis odds type in Canada is Decimal Odds. These are the ones we’ve presented above. Calculating them is very straightforward: just multiply your bet amount by the odds (C$10 x 2.41 = C$24.10).

Popular Tennis Betting Markets

GGBet offers Canadian clients a bunch of betting lines to choose from. All of them have different odds. So, any bettor can choose the one corresponding to their skill and ambitions. Here are the most popular markets for tennis online betting.

Game Winner

That’s the most basic market allowing you to predict who wins a match. It is the easiest to pull off. However, the odds for it are pretty mediocre. Hence it perfectly suits betting newcomers.


With this tennis betting market, you can wager whether a set, point, or game score goes above or under a specific number. This one is a bit tricky to do. But in reward, the odds for it are pretty good.

Set Bets

When placing set bets, you are predicting the final set score. As there are many factors influencing these outcomes, it can be challenging. But if the match has an obvious favorite, set bets are apparent and with mediocre odds.


If the tennis match competitors are unequal in strengths, GGBet introduces a handicap bet. It reduces bet win conditions when wagering on a weaker player. For example, instead of winning 2 sets, they have to win 1. This equalizes tennis betting odds by making them average.

Prop Bets

Prop bets let you wager on specific events during the match. For example, betting on which player will score the first points is a prop bet. Such bets are quite risky. Hence they have higher odds.

Outright Betting

If you know the competition’s players list and can see who wins immediately, you can use outrights to bet on it. This is often a very tough bet to make. That’s why it has profitable tennis odds.

Tips from Our Experts for Confident Tennis Bets

Predicting a tennis match can be hard. However, if you follow a specific strategy, it will make it easier. Here is what our experts advise. First, you must analyze both players' shapes. This includes how often they were training, their mental state, whether they have any injuries, etc. Compare these factors and see which athlete is on top.

Then, define players’ play styles. One might be more aggressive with a tendency to hit overhands. While his opponent might have a tenacious defense. The chances they can withstand the opponent’s attack would be higher.

And one of the most important tennis betting tips is to check how competitors played against each other previously. This will give you an image of what to expect from the match, making your predictions much easier. However, don’t forget to apply previous tips too.

Maximize Your Winnings with First-Class Tennis Betting Site in Canada

Now, it shouldn’t be a secret why GGBet is a favorite for tennis betting in Canada. There are many major tennis events to bet on during the year. Additionally, each match is full of betting markets. You can never get bored with their assortment. Especially knowing how great their odds are.

Choose the GGBet bookmaker right now, sign up in 1 minute, and place your first bet. Don’t forget to grab a welcome bonus before. It will give you some free cash to make extra tennis bets!