BOT TI 2 Announced

The tournament organizer Beyond the Summit has announced Bot TI 2019, a show Dota 2 event where teams consisting of easy bots compete against each other. The show will be split into three stages: Round of 128 (July 8-14th), Round of 64 (August 1st-2nd) and Main Event (August 3rd-4th).

All matches will be “played” in the best-of-three format, where teams consisting of the same five heroes will be pit into one big teamfight lasting around 30 seconds. During the first game all heroes will have only Ironwood Branches, while in second and third matches they will receive most popular items according to Dotabuff which can be purchased for 10k and 20k gold budged respectively. The only banned items are Black King Bar and Blade Mail. Skills and talents will also be chosen according to their popularity on Dotabuff. The tournament’s bracket can be found here, the event will be livestreamed at BTS Twitch channel.

Beyond The Summit held a similar event last year, which received a positive feedback from the community. The first place was taken by Elder Titan boots, while Abaddon and Phoenix bots placed second and third.

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