Dota Underlords: Dragon Alliance Changes

Dota Underlords: Dragon Alliance Changes

Valve have postponed their balance update for a day, and are planning to release it on June 25th. However, the developers revealed some of the balance changes that the update will contain. Among other things, the update will introduce significant changes to the Dragon Alliance.

Upcoming Changes:

  • Dragon Alliance: Now requires 2 units.
  • Dragon Alliance: Now unlocks an additional ability for each member of the Alliance.
  • Dragon Knight: Breathe Fire is now his base ability.
  • Dragon Knight: Dragon Alliance now unlocks Dragon Form. Will be cast immediately on combat start.
  • Puck: Dragon Alliance now unlocks Phase Shift.
  • Viper: Dragon Alliance now unlocks Corrosive Skin.

Earlier Dota Underlords managed to hit 200,000 concurrent players, being the fourth most popular game in Steam.

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