ELEAGUE Major 2018 Extends to 24 Teams by Including LAN-Qualifiers to the Main Event

Valve and ELEAGUE presented an updated format for the upcoming ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018. The tournament’s line-up will be extended to 24 teams by making the Offline Qualifier a part of the main event. In addition to this, all stages of the tournament were rebranded.

According to the announcement, the tournament will consist of three stages: The New Challengers, The New Legends and The New Champions.

The New Challengers will be held on January 12-15 at and feature 16 teams: the winners and runners-up of regional minors will compete with the teams placed 9-16 at the previous major. Basically it is the former Major Qualifier with a new name, but there is one important nuance – now more teams are considered to be participants of the major, consequently more teams will get their tournament stickers and will be able to earn additional money.

Participants of The New Challengers

Qualified Teams:

  • Asia – Renegades, TyLoo
  • CIS – Avangar, QB
  • Europe – Space Soldiers, EnVyUS
  • Americas – Misfits, Liquid

Bottom Eight Finishers from the Previous Major:

  • Cloud9
  • FaZe Clan
  • G2 Esports
  • Natus Vincere
  • mousesports
  • Sprout (ex-Seed)
  • FlipSid3 Tactics
  • Vega Squadron

The previous Group Stage was rebranded to The New Legends and will take place on January 19-22 at ELEAGUE Arena. Eight best teams from The New Challengers will face the top eight finishers from the previous Major, including:

Participants of The New Legends


  • Gambit Esports
  • 100 Thieves (ex-Immortals)
  • Astralis
  • Virtus.pro
  • North
  • BIG
  • SK Gaming
  • Fnatic

The New Champions stage will be held on January 26-28 at Agganis Arena in Boston. Eight best teams of the tournament will compete in a playoff bracket for The ELEAGUE Major: Boston trophy.

The decision to include more teams to the main event of the major tournament has raised controversy in the community: while some argue that it will devalue the accomplishment of being a part of a major, the others believe that it will give additional motivator to the lower tier teams and will help to improve the scene in general.

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