Gen.G Are the Winners of Mid-Season Brawl 2018

Yesterday concluded the first global competition in the current Heroes of the Storm professional season. In the grand finals of Mid-Season Brawl the South Korean team Gen.G defeated the Europeans from Team Dignitas with the 4-3 score, taking home $100,000 of prize money.

The event was held on June 9-18 in Jönköping, Sweden, and featured twelve best teams from all over the world competing for their share of a $250,000 prize pool. First the teams were seeded into two round-robin groups with best-of-two series, where a win was worth 3 points and a draw granted 1 point to each team. Then top two teams from each group advanced to the upper bracket, while the teams placed 3rd-4th made it to the lower bracket. The playoffs stage was held in a double-elimination format with best-of-five regular series and best-of-five grand finals, where the team from upper bracket got a 1-map advantage.

Gen.G made it all the way to the grand finals without losing a single map – they placed first in Group A with the 5-0-0 score, then in the upper bracket they defeated 3-0 both Team Dignitas and Tempest. Team Dignitas placed second in Group B with the 3-1-1 score. After dropping from the semi-finals to the lower bracket, the European team managed to defeat Fnatic (3-1), Tempo Storm (3-0), and Tempest (3-1). The final series concluded with the 4-3 series in favour of Gen.G.

Group Stage:

Group A Group B
1. Gen.G 5-0-0 15p 1. Tempest 4-1-0 13p
2. Tempo Storm 3-0-2 9p 2. Team Dignitas 3-1-1 10p
3. Ballistix 3-0-2 9p 3. Method 2-2-1 8p
4. Fnatic 2-1-2 7p 4. HeroesHearth 1-3-1 6p
5. Mindfreak 1-0-4 3p 5. Chall Enge 1-1-3 4p
6. TheOne 0-1-4 1p 6. Luna Meow 0-0-5 0p


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Tournament Results:

Place $ USD Team
1st $100,000 Gen.G
2nd $50,000 Team Dignitas
3rd $20,000 Tempest
4th $20,000 Tempo Storm
5th-6th $10,000 Ballistix, Fnatic
7th-8th $10,000 HeroesHearth, Method
9th-10th $5,000 Mindfreak, Chall Enge
11th-12th $5,000 TheOne, Luna Meow
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