GG.Bet Birmingham Invitational: Old but Gold and Team Empire to Playoffs

The group stage of GG.Bet Birmingham Invitational has competed, determining all four participants of the playoffs stage.

Old but Gold and Team Empire are the last two teams to play in the playoffs, which will feature a single-elimination bracket. Yesterday they emerged victorious in the decider matches – Old but Gold defeated The Pango (2:0) in Group A, while Team Empire outplayed The Final Tribe (2:0) in Group B.

Today the event will feature two semifinals – Alliance will play with Team Empire (15:00 BST), and Gambit Esports will face Old but Gold (18:00 BST). According to our odds, both Alliance (1.83) and Team Empire (1.9) have equal chances to advance to the grand finals. However, there is an obvious favourite in the second semifinal – Old But Gold (3.06) vs Gambit Esports (1.34). Please note that the odds can change over time.

The winners of today’s matches will participate in best-of-five grand finals, which is scheduled for 16:00 (BST), April 13th. The winner will qualify to ESL One Birmingham 2019, while the runner-up will get $5,000 in prize money.

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