GODSENT Are Left Without Two Players

A Swedish esports organization GODSENT announced that they are parting ways with two players. Andreas ”znajder” Lindberg is released from the organization and is going to “try something new in his career”, while Dennis ”dennis” Edman is listed for transfer due to “[team’s] high inconsistency and results far below the expected”.

znajder has been with GODSENT since the team’s creation in April 2016, while dennis joined the team only three month ago. Despite numerous roster changes throughout the year, GODSENT failed to show satisfactory results this season. As for now, these players will be replaced by two Swedish players Jacob ”pyth” Mourujärvi and Hampus ”hampus” Poser, who join the team as substitutes.


  • Simon ”twist” Eliasson
  • Joakim ”disco doplan” Gidetun
  • Fredrik ”freddieb” Buoe (captain)
  • Niko ”naSu” Kovanen (coach)
  • Jacob ”pyth” Mourujärvi (stand-in)
  • Hampus ”hampus” Poser (stand-in)