Infamous to Represent South America at The International 2019

The Peruvian team Infamous is the winner of the South America closed qualifier for The International 2019. In the grand finals of the event they outplayed the Brazilian team paiN Gaming (3-0).

Infamous qualified to the playoffs from the first place in the group. Later they outplayed EgoBoys (2:0) in the first match and lost to paiN Gaming (1-2) in the second match, dropping to the lower bracket. There they outplayed EgoBoys (2-0) once again. The final series has concluded with the 3-0 score in favor of Infamous.

Playoffs Bracket:

Earlier the regional qualifiers concluded in CIS and Southeast Asia. These regions will be represented by Natus Vincere and Mineski respectively. The qualifiers in Europe, China and North America are scheduled for July 11-14th.

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