New Expansion for Hearthstone Announced – The Boomsday Project

New Expansion for Hearthstone Announced – The Boomsday Project

The developers of Hearthstone revealed details on the upcoming new expansion for their card-game. The expansion is called The Boomsday Project and is themed around science, experiments and mechanisms. The expansion features 135 new cards and new card mechanics. While you can already pre-order it, the update will be released before August 30th.

Apart from adding 135 new cards to the game, the new update also has some new interesting features. Below are the main of them:

  • New Keyword “Magnetic”: cards with this keyword can be both played separately or used to fuse with other mechs to combine stats and other keywords.
  • Omega Cards: these cards are especially powerful when you play them at full mana.
  • Projects: these cards provide bonuses for both players.

The developers have already started to reveal new cards, among them – for the first time! – are legendary spells. Currently only six cards are revealed, to see them head over to the official website.

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