OG Defeat PSG.LGD to Become Champions of The International 2018

OG Defeat PSG.LGD to Become Champions of The International 2018

The biggest event not only in the history of Dota 2, but also in history of the entire esports industry has concluded. In the grand finals of The International 2018 OG defeated PSG.LGD in a close game with the score of 3:2, receiving $11,200,000+ in prize money.

OG were massive underdogs of the tournament, as they lost Fly and s4 just a few weeks before the open qualifiers. Managing to qualify for the event from Europe, OG finished the group stage with the score of 9-7, barely making it to the upper bracket. In the playoffs OG managed to top all expectations: the European team made it all the way through the upper bracket, defeating VGJ.Storm, Evil Geniuses and PSG.LGD. This year’s final match was among the most entertaining finals in the history of The International – for the first time since 2013 the teams played all five maps, with OG coming on top with the score of 3-2.

The International 2018 was held on August 15-25 in Vancouver, Canada, with playoffs matches being played on Rogers Arena. The tournament’s line-up consisted of 18 teams, while its prize pool exceeded $25,500,000.

Group Stage Results:

Group A Group B
1. Team Liquid 13-3 1. VGJ.Storm 12-4
2. Evil Geniuses 13-3 2. Virtus.pro 10-6
3. PSG.LGD 11-5 3. Team Secret 8-8
4. OG 9-7 4. OpTic Gaming 8-8
5. Fnatic 7-9 5. Newbee 8-8
6. VGJ.Thunder 6-10 6. TNC Predator 7-9
7. Mineski 5-11 7. Team Serenity 7-9
8. Winstrike Team 4-12 8. Vici Gaming 7-9
9. Invictus Gaming 4-12 9. paiN Gaming 5-11
Playoffs Bracket (click to enlarge)

Tournament Results:

Place $ USD Team
1st $11,234,158 OG
2nd $4,085,148 PSG.LGD
3rd $2,680,879 Evil Geniuses
4th $1,787,252 Team Liquid
5th-6th $1,148,948 Virtus.pro, Team Secret
7th-8th $638,304 OpTic Gaming, VGJ.Storm
9th-12th $382,983 Team Serenity, Mineski, Winstrike Team, Vici Gaming
13th-16th $127,661 Fnatic, TNC Predator, Newbee, VGJ.Thunder
17th-18th $63,830 Invictus Gaming, paiN Gaming
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