PUBG Update #18: Custom Games, New Vehicle and Weapon for Sanhok

PUBG Corp. has released a new update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. In the 18th update for PC the developers allowed all players to create custom games, as well as added new weapon and vehicle for Sanhok.

Custom Games

With this update all players will be able to create custom matches in several modes: in addition to the normal and esports modes, users will be able to play in Zombie Mode and War Mode. While creating a custom game, you can adjust various settings, including map, perspective, number of players, weather, blue zone speed, etc. The developers mentioned that currently the system is in open beta, and during this stage will be free of charge, but it may change in future.

New Weapon – QBU

QBU is a new DMR, which replaces Mini14 on Sanhok. The rifle uses 5.56mm ammo; its standard magazine has 10 bullets, which can be extended to 20 bullets. The rifle has substantial recoil and sway in standing position, which can be greatly reduced by firing in prone due to attached bipod.

New Vehicle – Rony

Rony is a new pickup truck that spawns only on Sanhok. The four-seater is highly suitable for hilly Sanhok’s landscapes and can be used as cover due to its large size.