PUBG Update 28: New Progression System, Erangel Loot Changes and Weapon Balance

PUBG Update 28: New Progression System, Erangel Loot Changes and Weapon Balance

A new major update has been released for the test server of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which introduces a new progression system called Weapon Mastery as well as includes changes for loot distribution on Erangel, balance changes for sniper rifles and other improvements and fixes. The update is expected to be released on the live servers “very soon”.

Main Changes:

  • Weapon Mastery is a new progression system which allows players to earn free rewards for using weapons. Each weapon has its own progression, which includes 100 levels. Players get experience towards weapon level by doing damage, landing headshots and defeating enemies. Currently the list of rewards includes Charms, Medals and Tier Emblems.
  • Erangel Loot Rebalance: the total amount of items spawned on the map has been increased by 28%. This change specifically increased the spawn rates of higher priority weapons, among which are ARs (by 64%), DMRs (by 114%), and SRs (by 177%). Moreover, the spawn rates for equipment, armour and healing items have also been slightly increased.
  • SR Damage Multiplier Changes: the damage modifier of SR shots to the torso has been decreased from 150% to 130%. The base damage of the AWM has been reduced from 120 to 105.
  • Sound Improvements: more sounds for items interactions such as looting, dropping, equipping and equipping.
  • Survivor Pass Changes: some of the more difficult quests have been adjusted or completely removed.
  • UI Changes: improvements for Store Tab, Team Interface and Survival Title Overview.
  • Multiple Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes.

To learn more about the update, head over to the official changelog.

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