PUBG Update #30 is Live on Test Server with New Vehicle, Weapon and More

PUBG Corp. have released a new major update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, currently available on the Test Server. Update #30 brings a new vehicle, a new weapon, and several new gameplay features. The main changes of the update are listed below.

  • New vehicle BRDM-2, which can be obtained only by using Flare Gun outside of the safe zone. The vehicle is armoured and can go underwater.
  • New weapon Deagle, which deals 62 damage per hit and uses .45 ACP ammo. The standard magazine fits 7 rounds and can be extended to 10.
  • Ledge Grab feature that allows climbing up the edge of roofs, fences and obstacles up to 2.5 meters high. This is only the first iteration of the feature, as it will be improved in future.
  • Radio Messages – a new radial menu used for communication with teammates.
  • Survival Supply System that allows to get Battle Points by completing survival objectives.

The update also introduces a way to explode Gas Canes, adds new Skins and Items, fixes multiple bugs and optimizes the game. To learn more about the update, go to the official website.

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