Team AdmiralBulldog Wins at Twitch Rivals

Team AdmiralBulldog Wins at Twitch Rivals

Team AdmiralBulldog have emerged at a $50,000 Dota 2 show event Twitch Rivals by defeating Team Funn1k in the finals. The winners received $19,000 in prize money, while the runner-up got $10,000.

Twitch Rivals was held on June 6th. The organizers invited 40 streamers from Europe and North America and chose eight captains which were able to select their players via snake draft. Eight formed teams were split into two round-robin groups with best-of-one series. Team AdmiralBulldog, which included AdmiralBulldog, BSJ, inK, Caitlin and zimmey placed first in Group A with 3-0 score. Meantime, Team Funn1k, which consisted of Funn1k, Alohadance, Bloody Nine, Canko and olsior, placed first in Group B with 2-1 score. The grand finals has completed with the 2-0 score in favour of Team AdmiralBulldog.

The tournament’s prize pool was set at $50,000 – the event’s winner gets $10,000, while the runner-up receives $4,000. Besides that, each victory during group stage grants $3,000.

Twitch Rivals Results:

Place $ USD Team
1st $19,000 Team AdmiralBulldog
2nd $10,000 Team Funn1k
3rd-4th $6,000 Team syndereN, Team GranDGranT
5th-6th $3,000 Team Gunnar, Team Purge
7th-8th $3,000 Team Frogged
7th-8th - Team DeMoN
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