Team Envy Is Back to the CS:GO Scene

Team Envy Is Back to the CS:GO Scene

Team Envy has announced its return to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. The organization has signed a new North American roster, which includes Tayler "Drone" Johnson, Kory "SEMPHIS" Friesen, Steve "reltuC" Cutler, Noah "Nifty" Francis, and Josh "jdm64" Marzano. The team will also have a coach – Zachary "Eley" Stauffer, as well as an analytic – Taylor "tailored" Broodmall.

The core of the new roster, which consists of Drone, SEMPHIS and reltuC and the team’s coach Eley, previously was part of Splyce, and when the organization disbanded the team they decided to stick together and continued to play under the ex-Splyce name, but the team did not have any major accomplishments. Nifty used to play for Renegades, with them he managed to win StarLadder i-League Invitational #2 and place second at iBUYPOWER Masters 2017, as well as to attend several major tournaments. Jdm64 has been inactive since February 2018, earlier he played for Team Liquid, with them he placed 2nd at both ESG Tour Mykonos 2017 and ESL One New York 2017, as well as qualified for ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018, where placed 12th-14th.

Team Envy had been present on the CS:GO scene since 2015. They were represented by a French roster that won over 10 premier events. The team was disbanded in July 2018.

Team Envy:

  • Tayler "Drone" Johnson
  • Kory "SEMPHIS" Friesen
  • Steve "reltuC" Cutler
  • Noah "Nifty" Francis
  • Josh "jdm64" Marzano
  • Zachary "Eley" Stauffer (coach)
  • Taylor "tailored" Broodmall (analyst)
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