Team Rosters for SMITE Pro League 2019 Announced

Team Rosters for SMITE Pro League 2019 Announced

Hi-Rez Studios has revealed the rosters of the teams that will participate in the upcoming season of SMITE Pro League. In the next season we will see ten teams competing in offline format for a chance to qualify for the Smite World Championship 2020.

List of Participating Teams:

  • Splyce: CycloneSpin, Aror, Moswal, Cyno, Divios, Cabom
  • eUnited: Vetium, KaLaS, BigManTingz, iceicebaby, Benji
  • Spacestation: BaRRaCCuDDa, JeffHindla, Venenu, andinster, Aquarius
  • SK Gaming: Zapman, Neirumah, Paul, Sam4soccer2, ScaryD
  • Trifecta: Wowy, Eonic, Sabra, Weak3n, Duck3y
  • Pittsburgh Knights: Vote, EmilZy, Zyrhoes, Adapting, Deathwalker, Rowe
  • Renegades: Funballer, iRaffer, Dardez, Cherryo, Nika
  • Team Rival: Arkkyl, PolarBearMike, Pandacat, CaptainTwig, fineokay, sLainy
  • Dignitas: Ataraxia, Trixtank, Hurriwind, QvoFred, Variety, Biggy
  • Luminosity: Joshy, KikiSoCheeky, Oceans, themollusk, Xaliea

The 2019 season will not be separated into Spring, Summer and Fall splits. Instead, we will see a preseason and two phases, with all matches being played on LAN at the Skillshot Media studio in Atlanta. All results will be season-long, counting towards qualifying for the world championship. The preseason will begin in February and will include five weeks of play. The first phase is scheduled for March – June, while the second phase will take place on August – October. The company will host All-Star Invitational between the two phases, the season will conclude with SMITE World Championship 2020.

The previous SMITE World Championship took place last November. In the grand finals Splyce defeated Team RivaL with the 3-2 score.

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