TH000 Wins Douyu Thunder Fire Cup

The Chinese player Huang "TH000" Xiang has defeated Jang "Moon" Jae Ho from South Korea in the grand finals of a $15,000 WarCraft III online event Douyu Thunder Fire Cup.

The tournament took place on January 23-30, featuring sixteen players from China, South Korea, Russia and Ukraine. First, they competed in four double-elimination brackets with best-of-three matches. Then top two players from each group advanced to the single-elimination playoffs bracket, where the regular series were best-of-five and the grand final was best-of-seven.

Both TH000 and Moon advanced to the playoffs from the first place in their groups – TH000 defeated HawK (2:0) and Lucifer (2:0) in Group A, while Moon outplayed Colorful (2:0) and WFZ (2:1) in Group B. In the playoffs TH000 was stronger than WFZ (3:0) and Foggy (3:1), while Moon managed to finish both series against 120 and Infi with the 3-0 score. The final series concluded with the 4-2 score of favor of TH000, who for this victory received around $7,500 in prize money. In the match for the third place Infi defeated Foggy (3:1).

Playoffs Bracket:

Tournament Results:

Place $ USD Player
1st $7,500 TH000
2nd $4,500 Moon
3rd $1,500 Infi
4th $1,200 Foggy
5th-8th $300 HurricaneBo, WFZ, 120, LawLiet
9th-12th - Lucifer, Fly100%, Life, FoCuS
13th-16th - HawK, Colorful, 14sui, Lyn
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