TH000 Wins Douyu Thunder Fire Cup

TH000 Wins Douyu Thunder Fire Cup

The Chinese player Huang "TH000" Xiang has defeated Jang "Moon" Jae Ho from South Korea in the grand finals of a $15,000 WarCraft III online event Douyu Thunder Fire Cup.

The tournament took place on January 23-30, featuring sixteen players from China, South Korea, Russia and Ukraine. First, they competed in four double-elimination brackets with best-of-three matches. Then top two players from each group advanced to the single-elimination playoffs bracket, where the regular series were best-of-five and the grand final was best-of-seven.

Both TH000 and Moon advanced to the playoffs from the first place in their groups – TH000 defeated HawK (2:0) and Lucifer (2:0) in Group A, while Moon outplayed Colorful (2:0) and WFZ (2:1) in Group B. In the playoffs TH000 was stronger than WFZ (3:0) and Foggy (3:1), while Moon managed to finish both series against 120 and Infi with the 3-0 score. The final series concluded with the 4-2 score of favor of TH000, who for this victory received around $7,500 in prize money. In the match for the third place Infi defeated Foggy (3:1).

Playoffs Bracket:

Tournament Results:

Place $ USD Player
1st $7,500 TH000
2nd $4,500 Moon
3rd $1,500 Infi
4th $1,200 Foggy
5th-8th $300 HurricaneBo, WFZ, 120, LawLiet
9th-12th - Lucifer, Fly100%, Life, FoCuS
13th-16th - HawK, Colorful, 14sui, Lyn
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