Workshop Is Coming to Overwatch, Allowing Users to Create Custom Game Modes

The developers of Overwatch have introduced a new major feature called Workshop, which allows all users to create custom game modes. Currently it is available on the Test Server, in future both PC and console players will be able to use it.

Workshop is a scripting mode that can be used to create custom game modes available for everyone in server browser. The feature doesn’t include a map editor, but users will be able to alternate abilities thus basically creating new heroes. The developers have also added a debugger called Inspector, which will make the process of finding bugs much easier.

The developers will ship the feature with two already created modes –Molten Floor and Mirror Deathmatch. In first mode, players will get on fire upon touching the floor. The second mode is a typical deathmatch with one exception: everyone plays the same random character for one minute, and then it switches over to a different hero. These modes can be modified and examined to understand how Workshop works.

The detailed instructions are available on the official website.

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