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New Slots: Latest Releases for Canadian Players

The iGaming industry is very active, especially when it comes to slot games, and many new slots online are released almost every month. This not only gives players more options but also allows them to take advantage of innovative and creative features to win. New slot machines contain unique mechanics that make winning both more enjoyable and more efficient. GGBet Casino is the best choice among new slot sites for players from Canada and lets you play the latest games from the most respected developers in the industry, whether for free or for real money.

New Online Slots Vs. Classic Slots

  • More paylines: Classic slot machine games have a limited number of paylines, and it is quite difficult to find a game with more than 20 lines. In free new slots, it is even possible to create millions of lines.
  • More bonuses: The bonus feature of classic slots is almost always free spins. New slots, on the other hand, have an incredible variety of bonuses.
  • Better compatibility: Some of the classic slot machines are developed with Flash, which is no longer updated and supported by most mobile devices. Modern slots, on the other hand, have been developed with HTML5 that can run on every device and every operating system.
  • Better quality graphics and animations: The graphics quality of the classic slot games is limited, and the 2D effects are the best you can expect to see. The newly released games, on the other hand, have top-notch graphics, 3D effects and animations as good as CGI movies.
  • A bigger variety of themes: Classic slots mainly focus on fruit, Vegas and Ancient Egypt themes. With the new slot machines, there is no limit: you can find any theme you can imagine, from aliens to wild nature.

Highly Rewarding Features of New Slot Games

So, what exactly are the innovations offered by the new slot games? What can you expect from the next level of casino gaming? The innovative and creative features of free slots allow you to have more fun and win more. Below we provide some examples of these features and briefly describe each. In our collection of new free online slots, you can find many games with these features.

Megaways by Big Time Gaming

Megaways is a mechanic invented by Big Time Gaming and is based on dynamic paylines. In classic slots, the number of paylines is different but always fixed: in a 20-line game, for example, there can be no more lines. In Megaways slots, paylines are randomly generated at every spin. In this way, you can get 1,024 paylines in one spin and 50,024 in another one. The maximum number of lines can be up to 117,649.

In addition, the bonus rounds of Megaways slots can have up to 7 reels. This means more possibilities to create a winning combination because very high payouts can be achieved during the bonus rounds. Despite all these advantages, Megaways slots can still be played with a low bet level, so you can enjoy them even if you don't have a big bankroll. Although it was invented by BTG, you can see this mechanic in games from other developers due to its popularity. Almost all studios also release Megaways versions of their popular games.

Cluster Pays and Megaclusters by BTG

These names are used to refer to a second mechanic developed by Big Time Gaming. Games with this feature do not have paylines. So, your goal is no longer to place identical symbols next to each other. Instead, you are trying to create “clusters” containing the same symbols. In this respect, you can compare Cluster Pays and Megaclusters slots to match-3 games on mobile. You can find a similar mechanic in other titles, but BTG's difference is that it increases the number of clusters with a special mechanic.

All symbols forming a winning combo in a cluster can explode to create four different symbols, and each of them can create its own cluster. For example, symbols in a 4x4 grid can turn into a “mega cluster” covering 64 tiles. Every winning spin offers a new chance to win and increase the payout amount. If you are looking for something different than the classic payline mechanics, Megaclusters slots will be a great option.

Gem Fever by Caleta Gaming

Caleta Gaming is a Brazil-based studio, and its portfolio mainly includes online casino slots, bingo and keno games. Some of their games use the Gem Fever feature developed by the studio. We can define this mechanic as special bonuses that are triggered when certain conditions are met. There are two progress bars on the left and right sides of the Gem Fever slots. The gem symbols you collect throughout the game gradually fill these bars. Above each bar, you can see how many symbols it takes to fully fill the bar.

When one of the bars is full, a special payout or bonus is triggered. This way, for example, you can trigger the free spins bonus with a multiplier or start a minigame: the special bonus triggers something different in each game. Torch of Fire, Princess of the Ocean, Dragon Rising and Viking Madness are the first slot games to use this feature, but Caleta Gaming plans to add the Gem Fever mechanic to its entire portfolio soon.

Gigablox and Splitz by Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil uses a framework called “Game Engagement Mechanics” (GEMs) in the code structure of all the slots it develops. This framework allows new mechanics and features developed by the studio to be easily integrated into the slots. In this context, Yggdrasil's most popular mechanics are called Splitz and Gigablox.

  • Splitz is the name of a mechanic where special symbols trigger a multiplier or increase the number of paylines. In games where this feature is used, there is a special symbol called “Splitz”. This symbol literally splits when it appears on the screen, creating either more paylines or multiplier payouts. For example, in the game “Temple Stacks – SPLITZ”, it is possible to create up to 200,000 paylines in this way. In the “Neon Rush: SPLITZ” game, a 25,000x multiplier can be obtained.
  • Gigablox is the general name of slots with massive-sized symbols. In these games, a single symbol can fill multiple reels (for example, three reels at the same time). Since this means that the same symbol appears on all those reels, your chances of winning increase significantly. In some games with this feature (e.g., Lucky Neko Gigablox), a single symbol can fill all the reels and guarantee a high payout.

InfiniReels by NetEnt

You can think of this mechanic as Netent's answer to the Megaways feature. But first, let's make a little reminder: a very similar mechanic is used by ReelPlay under the name “Infinity Reels”. Netent's mechanics is called “InfiniReels”. This feature allows the number of reels and paylines to increase after each win. Let's explain with an example:

  • You start playing an InfiniReels game with 3 reels and 27 paylines.
  • These numbers don't change until you get a win. After a win, you start playing with 4 reels and 81 paylines.
  • After a new win, you get 5 reels and 243 paylines, etc.

This situation continues without any limits. So, if you're lucky enough, you can get dozens of reels and millions of paylines. It gets the name “Infini” because there is no maximum limit. This is the most important difference from Megaways slots: the maximum number of paylines is limited to 117,649 in Megaways, but there is no limit in InfiniReels. And we did the math for you: after getting 12 wins, you start playing with 14,348,907 lines, which is an amazing number.

Buy Feature by Spinomenal

You can see the phrase "buy feature" in the top right of Spinomenal slots with this feature. This is a simple but very useful mechanic: it allows you to buy the bonus round. Consider, for example, a free spins bonus: normally, a certain number of scatter symbols must appear on the screen to trigger this bonus. Since all spin results are determined randomly, this can take quite a long time to happen and is entirely dependent on luck.

However, in Buy Feature slots, you can start the free spin round at any time by paying with real money. This applies to all other bonus rounds, not just free spins. The amount of payment is different in each game, and this amount also varies within the game depending on the bet level. As soon as you press the corresponding button, the payment required for the Buy Feature is deducted from your balance, and the bonus round starts instantly. You can repeat this as many times as you want.

Game Tokens by Playtech

This feature is currently available for slots in Playtech's “Kingdoms Rise” series. These games have a “feature shop” where you can buy additional features and bonuses by using a special currency called “token”. For example, by spending 300 tokens, you can place 1 wild symbol on reels 2 to 5 and trigger a re-spin. So, how are these tokens obtained? When you start playing, you are given 50 tokens as a gift, and you can collect others throughout the game (you have a chance to win these tokens in every spin). This is similar to the Buy Feature mechanic, but instead of purchasing the bonus directly, you use tokens, and you can earn these tokens just by playing the game.

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