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Virtual Sports at GGBet Casino

Did you know that you can bet on sports without having to wait for an actual sporting event to occur in real life? Yes, that’s right! This is possible thanks to the delightful storm of virtual sports that has swept through the iGaming scene for a few years now. So, even when the raging Coronavirus pandemic led to the cancellation of in-person sporting events, millions of sports fans worldwide could still relish wagering virtual sports.

Virtual sports are essentially animated simulations of real-life sports, and like classic casino games, their outcomes are determined by random number generators. In addition, the rules of these virtual simulations are generally similar to their real-world counterparts. As a result, in virtual sports betting, you will experience the same thrill usually associated with traditional sports betting.

Advantages of Virtual Sports Betting

Some of the perks of wagering on virtual sports at GGBet casino include:

  • They are available all year round. Unlike traditional sporting events, virtual sports are available on a 24/7 basis throughout the year. This means you can play virtual sports any time, any day, all year round.
  • They only last a few minutes. As opposed to regular sports betting, where you have to wait for an hour or two to know if you’ve won, virtual sports events usually take as little as 2 to 3 minutes, and you’re done.
  • No experience is needed. Unlike real-life sporting events, you don’t need to know the teams playing, their form, and their history of betting on virtual sports. Thanks to the Random Number Generator (RNG) software, all you have to do is to trust your instincts, and you can claim massive wins.
  • There’s no room for cheating or match-fixing. Given that RNGs power the virtual sports at GG Bet Casino, there is absolutely no chance of cheating or match-fixing scandals that sometimes rock real-world sports.
  • Not reliant on external factors. There’s an element of guarantee involved when betting on virtual sports. The events are never postponed or cancelled due to natural phenomena or other causes. So, you will never miss out on the thrill of betting on your favourite sports.

Collection of Virtual Sports Games at GGBet Casino

GGbet is among the best virtual sports betting sites in the world today. We offer an impressive selection of betting options across different sports, which include simulations of online football, online horse racing, and online keno, among others. Here is a brief breakdown of the games you can enjoy in our virtual sports section:

Virtual Football

As the most popular sport in the world, football games online take centre stage in our exquisite virtual sports collection. The simulations are designed using the latest motion capture technology to offer crisp, true-to-life visuals for the ultimate online football games multiplayer experience. Moreover, our GGBet football video games deliver a host of real money betting possibilities that you’ll usually find in real-world matches. For example, you have the liberty of betting on which of the two teams will win, a draw, the number of goals scored, the number of yellow cards dished out, and so much more.

The football video games at GGBet Casino come in multiple variants, including Fast League Football English Round, Spanish Fast league Football Single, Italian Fast League Football Single, and Football League Match. And in case you are new to this type of casino-sports betting hybrid style of play, you can seamlessly transition into the virtual sports world via our free football games. These are the demo versions of the virtual sports that you can try out without spending a dime, and through them, you can be pumped up and ready to put your money on the line.

Virtual Motor Racing

Motor racing is among the most exciting virtual sports at GGBet casino. Like the football video games, our online virtual motor racing features HD simulations of the action often seen in the Monaco Grand Prix, Daytona 500, and Bathurst 1000. So, you are definitely in for a thrilling experience. The races are available round the clock and can be played for unlimited rounds. Some of the betting markets you can wager on include:

  • The selected winner of a race.
  • Which cars will finish in the podium places (1st to 3rd).
  • The exact order of the first 3 finishes.
  • Predict if the number of the winning racer will be even or odd.
  • Predict whether the number of the winner will be over or under 2.5.

Virtual Keno

The virtual keno game available at GGBet is modelled after the standard online keno, a lottery-like gambling game. It features an HD graphical visualization of the gameplay, and a draw takes place every 3 minutes, with customizable payout contents.

Virtual Horse Racing

With titles such as Platinum Hounds, Charging Chariots, and Horse Racing Roulette V2, you are in for a fun-packed experience here at GGBet if you are a fan of betting on horses. You can put your money on the winner, back a specific horse to finish in the podium places, or you may even forecast and tricast your bet. Our online horse racing competitions bring you plenty of betting possibilities, similar to what you’ll find in events such as the Kentucky Derby, Dubai World Cup, and Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe.

Play Your Favorite Virtual Sports Games at GGBet Casino Today!

As you have seen, with the range of virtual sports on offer, our site is an all-inclusive gaming hub that provides access to a massive content selection for free and real money. In addition, unlimited betting options are just a click away, with the most exciting instant virtual sports and markets available any time of day or night with no interruptions.

If you are new to betting on these simulations of real-life sports, there’s a soft landing pad for beginners at GGBet. You can play all the virtual sports titles in free play mode for a taste of what is to come should you commit your cold hard cash. And when you play for real money, you open yourself up to the possibility of walking away with enormous cash prizes. So, what are you waiting for? Create your GGBet casino account and get started now!