Apex Legends Update: Battle Pass and New Hero Octane

Apex Legends Update: Battle Pass and New Hero Octane

A first major update has been released for Apex Legends, which marks the beginning of the first season. The developers have introduced a Battle Pass that allows users to earn additional rewards while simply playing the game and added a new hero – Octane. Moreover, the game received a lot of stability improvements and bug fixes.

Main Features of the Wild Frontier Update:

  • Battle Pass: available for 950 Apex Coins, Battle Pass features over 100 unique rewards that can be earned by simply playing the game and earning XP. Those who decide to not buy the pass can still earn some of the rewards.
  • New Legends Octane costs 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins. The hero’s passive allows him to regenerate health while not taking damage, while his tactical ability increases his movement speed by 30% but costs health to use. The ultimate deploys a jump pad that catapults players through the air.
  • Balance changes to Caustic, Pathfinder, Bangalore and Gibraltar which were announced earlier. Also, hitboxes of Gibraltar, Caustic and Pathfinder were adjusted to better align with their shapes.
  • Multiple stability and performance improvements.
  • Bugfixes and quality of life improvements.

The complete changelog is available on the subreddit thread. You can learn more about the Battle Pass on the official website.

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