Dates of The International 2018 Qualifiers Revealed

With the release of Battle Pass, the dates for the upcoming open and closed qualifiers for The International 2018 were revealed. Both open and closed qualifiers will be held in June.

According to the International Compendium, the open qualifiers will be held on June 14-17, while the closed qualifiers will start on June 18th and will continue until June 25th. The last DPC event of this season China Dota2 Supermajor, will conclude only on June 10th, which means that some of the teams, such as OG and VGJ.Storm, who changed their rosters after roster lock yet participate in Supermajor, will have only 4 days to travel from China to their bootcamp location. It is still possible that they will decide to stay in China during the qualifiers.

The main event of The International 2018 will take place in August in Vancouver, Canada. The group stage will be played behind the closed doors on August 15-18, while the playoffs stage will take place at Rogers Arena on August 20-25. Two teams have already secured their spots at the event – and Team Liquid. Another 6 participants will be decided by Dota Pro Circuit rankings, the other teams will have to make it through the regional qualifiers.

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