Dota 2 Update: The Underhollow Game Mode Released

Valve rolled out a new update for Dota 2, which added the long-awaited Battle Royal game mode The Underhollow, which is available for all Battle Pass owners.

The Underhollow is a Battle Royal mode, which means that the main goal is to be the last team standing. There are a total of 8 teams, each consisting of 3 players. You will have to make it through the maze heading to the center of the map, fighting with the enemy monsters and players, while trying to survive and earn as much experience and gold as possible. The players will be able to receive Battle Points for:

  • 750 points for winning by staying alive
  • 300 points for obtaining big cheeses
  • 20 points for obtaining small cheeses
  • 30 points for killing an enemy player

The amount of points you can received is limited by the lever of your Battle Pass – it ranges from 2000 to 4000 battle points per week.

With the introduction of the new game mode, Valve also added eight new achievements connected to it which also grant Battle Points:

  • Chicken Chaser Treasure: Find a treasure full of fowl in The Underhollow | 500 Battle Points
  • Lactose Tolerant: Claim the Big Cheese in The Underhollow | 300 Battle Points
  • Miner Threat: Eliminate 10 other players | 200 Battle Points
  • Cavern Crusader: Eliminate 20 other players | 300 Battle Points
  • Ambush Artist: Eliminate 30 other players | 500 Battle Points
  • Anyone Else There? - Be the last one standing. | 250 Battle Points
  • Cave Dweller - Win 5 Matches | 500 Battle Points
  • Lord of the Hollow - Win 10 Matches | 1000 Battle Points