European Qualifiers for PUBG Global Invitational by ESL with 100,000$ at Stake

ESL revealed the details on the upcoming European qualifiers for PUBG Global Invitational Berlin 2018. The qualifiers will feature three phases, with LAN-finals being held in Leicester, UK with $100,000 up for grabs.

The first phase (May 7-15) is designed to include up to 1280 squads. There will be two rounds of three matches, with top ten teams per lobby advancing to the next round. The second phase (May 19-27) will include only 320 teams and will have an increased amount of rounds, with only 5 teams advancing per lobby. The second phase will determine 20 teams that will attend the third phase, the LAN-finals taking place in the Haymarket Theatre in Leicester, UK on June 29 – July 1. The finals will have its own prize pool, which is set at $100,000. It will be distributed among the teams as follows:

Place $ USD Seed
1st $20,000 PGI 2018
2nd $16,000 PGI 2018
3rd $12,000 PGI 2018
4th $8,000 -
5th-6th $6,000 -
7th-10th $4,000 -
11th-16th $2,000 -
17th-20th $1,000 -

PUBG Global Invitational Berlin 2018 was announced few weeks ago. The event will feature 20 teams competing for a $2,000,000 prize pool. The event will take place on July 25-29 in Berlin, Germany. All participating teams will be determined by the results of regional qualifiers in North America, Europe and Asia.