Evil Geniuses Are the Champions of DOTA Summit 9

Evil Geniuses Are the Champions of DOTA Summit 9

This weekend concluded the last major Dota 2 event LAN-event before The International 2018The Summit 9. In the grand final of the $100,000 event Evil Geniuses defeated Fnatic with a score of 3-0.

The event was held on July 25-29 at the home studio of Beyond the Summit in Los Angeles, USA. First, six participating teams competed in a round-robin group with best-of-two series. Then top two teams advanced to the upper bracket, while the other four teams made it to the lower bracket. The regular playoffs series were best-of-three, while the grand final was played in a best-of-five format. As Evil Geniuses placed first in the group stage, they started the playoffs from the winner’s finals, where they defeated VGJ.Storm 2-0. Fnatic, who placed 5th in the group, had to make it all the way through the lower bracket, where they defeated 2-0 OpTic Gaming, Let’s Do It, and VGJ.Storm. The final series concluded with the clean 3-0 score in favor of Evil Geniuses, granting them $40,000 in prize money. This is the first victory for EG since they changed the roster by replacing Fear and MiSeRy with Fly and s4 in May.

Group Stage:

1. Evil Geniuses 7-3
2. VGJ.Storm 7-3
3. paiN Gaming 5-5
4. OpTic Gaming 4-6
5. Fnatic 4-6
6. Let's Do It 3-7

Playoffs Bracket:

Tournament Results:

Place $ USD Team
1st $40,000 Evil Geniuses
2nd $20,500 Fnatic
3rd $15,750 VGJ.Storm
4th $8,550 Let's Do It
5th $8,100 paiN Gaming
6th $7,100 OpTic Gaming

During the tournament it was also announced that the next Summit event will be held already this year. The games will be played between December 12th and 16th.

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