First Details on the Fortnite World Cup

First Details on the Fortnite World Cup

Epic Games have announced that the Fortnine World Cup 2019 will be held this summer in New York City and will feature a $30,000,000 prize pool. The total competitive prize pool for 2019 has been set at $100,000,000.

Fortnite World Cup is scheduled for July 26-28 and will see 100 solo players and 50 duos teams competing for a $30,000,000 prize pool. The winner of the solo competition will get $3,000,000 in prize money, with each of the participants being guaranteed at least $50,000. The players will be able to qualify for the World Cup by participating in weekly online qualifiers, which will run from April 13 to June 16, with each of them featuring $1,000,000 prize pools.

Aside from that, Epic Games are determined to organize weekly tournaments through the end of the year that will feature vide variety of modes and formats.

Epic Games announced their plans to invest $100,000,000 in the competitive scene last May. Since then they hosted three major events – Summer Skirmish, Fall Skirmish and Winter Royale.

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