Heroes of the Storm: Diablo Rework Spotlight

Heroes of the Storm: Diablo Rework Spotlight

Blizzard released a spotlight of the upcoming rework for Diablo in Heroes of the Storm. In addition to the update of the hero’s talents, the mechanics of his two basic abilities – Shadow Charge and Fire Stomp – were also changed. Below you can find the video presenting the changes as well as the summary of it.

Shadow Charge [Q]:

  • Diablo can now see outlines of the walls (like Junkrat and Lucio).
  • Now increases Diablo movement speed instead of increasing his armor.

Fire Stomp [W]:

  • Fire Stomp is now a cone-shaped skill shot. When used, multiple fireballs burst from Diablo, damaging all enemies on their way and dealing a triple damage on return to him.
  • Fire Stomp now heals Diablo for the percentage of damage dealt to enemy heroes.


  • There are two new Level 4 talents, which allow Diablo to gather souls in teamfights – when shadowcharging enemies into the terrain and damaging enemy heroes with First Stomp’s flames.
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