League of Leagues: Starting Dates for the Spring Season Announced

Riot Games have revealed the starting dates for the spring season of almost all regional leagues. LCL and SEA Tour are the only leagues that doesn’t have final starting dates.

Spring 2019 Starting Dates:

  • CBLOL (Brazil): January 12th
  • LPL (China): January 14th
  • LMS (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau): January 14th
  • LCK (Korea): January 16th
  • VCS (Vietnam): January 17th
  • LEC (Europe): January 18th
  • OPL (Australia): January 18th/19th
  • LLA (Latin America): January 19th
  • LJL (Japan): January 19th
  • TCL (Turkey): January 19th
  • NA LCS (North America): January 26th
  • LCL (CIS): TBA
  • SEA Tour (Southeast Asia): TBA
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