Overwatch to Get a Role-Based Matchmaking

Overwatch to Get a Role-Based Matchmaking

Overwatch is about to get one of the biggest changes in the history of the game – the developers have completely rewritten the matchmaking system with the goal of making it role-based. The changes will be applied to both Quick Play and Competitive Mode, as well affect the esports scene. Those who prefer the old rules will be able to play in Arcade Quick Play Classic mode. The update is already available on the Test Server. Besides the usual PTR testing, the new system will go in open beta which will take place on August 13th – September 1st.

Role Queue Specifics:

  • When queuing for a match in Queue Play or Competitive, players will be asked to choose between three roles: Tank, Damage Dealer or Support.
  • When in a match, players can only pick heroes that align with their role choice.
  • Every team in these modes will consist of two tanks, two dds and two supports.
  • Players will have a separate matchmaking rating for each role. That means that once new season begins, players will have to play 5 placement matches per role to get their rating.
  • To combat potential longer queue times for more popular roles, the developers will introduce rewards for playing less popular roles.

The changes to the matchmaking system and team compositions have provoked a number of balance changes. For example Brigitte is extremely popular and successful in 3-support compositions, but is lacking in teams with only 2 supports – for this reason the hero’s abilities will be heavily balanced towards nerfing her survivability and increasing her healing output. The complete list of changes can be found on the official forum.

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