Europe Minor by StarLadder: Group Stage Results

Europe Minor by StarLadder: Group Stage Results

The group stage of Europe Minor – StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 has concluded, determining four teams that will participate in the playoffs stage. Among these teams are CR4ZY and mousesports from Group A, as well as Fnatic and North from Group B.

During the group stage eight participants competed in two GSL groups with best-of-one and best-of-three series. The results are presented below:

Group Stage Results:

Group A Group B
1. CR4ZY 2-0 48-28 1. Fnatic 2-0 48-18
2. mousesports 2-1 97-82 2. North 2-1 59-57
3. NoChance 1-2 60-84 3. BIG 1-2 68-89
4. Sprout 0-2 50-61 4. Team Ancient 0-2 48-59

The playoffs stage will be played on July 19th-21st. Four teams will compete in a double-elimination bracket without grand finals, where all series will be best-of-three. Top two teams will secure their spot in the New Challenger Stage of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. The team placed third will participate in Minors’ 3rd Place Play-In, where the teams placed third in all regions will compete for the last ticket to the major.

Playoffs Preview (UK Time):

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