Serral Becomes the Champion of WCS Valencia 2018

WCS Valencia 2018 has completed with Joona "Serral" Sotala defeating Ke "Has" Yu Feng with the 4:1 score, receiving $20,000 and 3,000 WCS Circuit points.

The event was held on July 12-14 in Valencia, Spain. Both finalists started to compete from the third group stage, as they made it through the regional qualifiers. In the group stage both of the players placed first in their groups: Serral defeated Bly and MaNa in Group C, while Has outplayed Elazer and SpeCial in Group F. The playoffs was held in a single-elimination format, with all regular matches being best-of-five and the grand final being best-of-seven. On their way to the final Serral defeated Scarlett (3:2), Reynor (3:0) and HeRoMaRinE (3:0), while Has managed to beat Kelazhur (3:2), Nerchio (3:2) and ShoWTimE (3:2). The final series concluded with the 4:1 score in favour of Serral, which makes him the champion of all three WCS Circuit events of this season – earlier the Finnish player also emerged victorious at WCS Leipzig and WCS Austin.

Playoffs Bracket

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Tournament Results

Place $ USD WCS Circuit Pts Player
1st $20,000 3,000 Serral
2nd $10,000 1,400 Has
3rd-4th $6,500 900 HeRoMaRinE, ShoWTimE
5th-8th $4,000 600 Reynor, uThermal, Neeb, Nerchio
9th-16th $2,750 300 Scarlett, SpeCial, DnS, Snute, Bly, Clem, Harstem, Kelazhur
17th-24th $1,250 100 TRUE, Silky, MaNa, DeMusliM, PtitDrogo, Elazer, iAsonu, Namshar
25th-32nd $1,250 100 puCK, HuT, ShaDoWn, Rex, Cloudy, Zanster, Denver, Seither
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