StarCraft II World Championship Series: Detailed Information on Season 2018

StarCraft II World Championship Series: Detailed Information on Season 2018

The end of the year marks the nearing of the new competitive StarCraft II season. In 2018 Blizzard will host WCS Global Finals with a $500,000+ prize pool, which will be preceded by three GSL seasons in Korea, four WCS Circuit events and three global events. You can find the detailed information on the upcoming competitive StarCraft II season below.

WCS Circuit

The WCS Circuit events are organized by DreamHack and will be held in Leipzig, Austin, Valencia and Montreal. Each tournament will feature a $100,000 prize pool as well as the same regional representation:

  • Europe – 4
  • North America – 4
  • Latin America – 2
  • Australia/New Zealand – 2
  • China – 2
  • Asia Pacific Region – 2

The winner of each of these tournaments will advance directly to the Global Finals, which will be held at the end of the year.

WCS Korea

Korea is traditionally the most competitive scene in StarCraft, and Blizzard decided to not make any significant changes in the format of the league. WCS Korea will consist of three GSL seasons with ₩170,000,000 prize pools and two GSL Super Tournaments with ₩30,000,000 prize pools. The winner of each GSL season will advance to the Global Finals.

Global Events

This year there will be two global events, not including Global Finals, the first one will be held in Katowice by IEM. The prize pool of the tournament will be increased by the purchases of War Chest – 25% of all purchases go directly to IEM Katowice prize pool. Initially prize pool of the tournament was set at $250,000, yet at the moment it already exceeds $400,000. At GSL vs the World, the second global event held in mid-2018, the all-star players from different regions will play against each other. The format of the event will be announced later. The winners of global tournaments will advance to the finals.

WCS Global Finals

The finals will be held at the end of the year and will feature 8 players from Korea and 8 players from WCS Circuit. The initial prize pool is set at $500,000, but it will be increased by the War Chest sales.

Blizzard also presented the detailed schedule of the upcoming tournaments, which looks as follows:

WCS 2018 Schedule:

WCS Circuit WCS Korea
WCS Leipzig (January 26-28) GSL Code S Season 1 (January 7 - March 24)
IEM Katowice (February 26 - March 4)
  GSL Super Tournament I (April 5-8)
WCS Austin (June 1-3) GSL Code S Season 2 (April 18 - Jun 23)
WCS Valencia (July 12-14) GSL Code S Season 3 (July 4 - September 16)
GSL vs. the World (August 2-5)
WCS Montreal (September 7-9)  
  GSL Super Tournament II (September 27-30)
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