The International 2019: OG And PSG.LGD Are the Leaders of the Group Stage

The International 2019: OG And PSG.LGD Are the Leaders of the Group Stage

The group stage of The International 2019 has concluded. PSG.LGD and OG showed the best results in their groups, while Chaos Esports Club and Ninjas in Pyjamas placed last and were eliminated.

The group stage was held on August 15-18th and featured 18 teams competing in two groups with round-robin format and best-of-two series. Top four teams from each group advanced to the upper bracket, the teams placed 5th-8th made it to the lower bracket, while the teams placed last were eliminated.

TI9 Group Stage Results:

Group A Group B
1. PSG.LGD 5-3-0 13p 1. OG 6-2-0 14p
2. Team Secret 4-3-1 11p 2. Vici Gaming 4-3-1 11p
3. Newbee 2-5-1 9p 3. Evil Geniuses 3-3-2 9p
4. TNC Predator  2-5-1 9p 4. 3-2-3 8p
5. Alliance 1-6-1 8p 5. Infamous 1-5-2 7p
6. Mineski 2-4-2 8p 6. Fnatic 3-1-4 7p
7. Team Liquid 2-2-4 6p 7. Natus Vincere  2-3-3 7p
8. Keen Gaming 2-1-5 5p 8. Royal Never Give Up 2-2-4 6p
9. Chaos Esports Club 0-3-5 3p 9. Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-2-4 3p

The playoffs stage will be played on August 20th-25th. Sixteen participants will compete in a double-elimination bracket. The first round of the lower bracket will be best-of-one, the grand final will be best-of-five, while the rest of the series will be best-of-three.

Playoffs Bracket:

The main stage of The International 2019 will take place at Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, China which can sit up to 18000 viewers. Currently the prize pool has almost reached $33,500,000, which means that the winner of the event will get more than $15,000,000.

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