TI8: Group Stage Results and Playoffs Preview

TI8: Group Stage Results and Playoffs Preview

As the main event of The International 2018 begins in less than 12 hours, let’s take a look at the results of the group stage as well as discuss the playoffs bracket.

The group stage was held on August 15-18 and featured two groups of nine teams with GSL system and best-of-two series. Bases on the results of the group stage, the teams have been seeded into the playoffs bracket: top four teams from each group advanced to the upper bracket, teams placed 5th-8th made it to the lower bracket, while the remaining two teams were eliminated.

Tiebreakers have been played in both groups. In Group A both Winstrike Team and Invictus Gaming finished the 4th day dead last with the score of 4-12. In the tiebreakers the CIS team defeated their Chinese opponents 2-0, advancing to the lower bracket. In Group B three teams – Team Secret, OpTic Gaming and Newbee – finished the stage with the score of 8-8, so they played in tiebreakers for the two spots in the upper bracket. As Newbee lost to both Secret and OpTic, the Chinese team advanced to the lower bracket, while the other two teams secured their place among the best in the upper bracket.

Group Stage Results:

Group A Group B
1. Team Liquid 13-3 1. VGJ.Storm 12-4
2. Evil Geniuses 13-3 2. Virtus.pro 10-6
3. PSG.LGD 11-5 3. Team Secret 8-8
4. OG 9-7 4. OpTic Gaming 8-8
5. Fnatic 7-9 5. Newbee 8-8
6. VGJ.Thunder 6-10 6. TNC Predator 7-9
7. Mineski 5-11 7. Team Serenity 7-9
8. Winstrike Team 4-12 8. Vici Gaming 7-9
9. Invictus Gaming 4-12 9. paiN Gaming 5-11

The playoffs stage begins already today, on August 20th. The games will be played with live audience at Rogers Arena. The first round of the lower bracket will be best-of-one, the grand final will be best-of-five, while all the remaining matches will be best-of-three. The bracket looks as follows:

Playoffs Bracket:

Aside from the games themselves, there are several special events planned for the main stage: the results of film contest and arcana voting will be announced at the second day of the main event, the All Stars match will be played on August 23th, while on August 24th there will be a cosplay contest. Beside that, there will be one OpenAI match played on each August 22nd, 23rd, and 24th.

The International 2018 is held in Vancouver, Canada. The prize pool exceeds $24,000,000.

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