TI8: Virtus.pro in Lower Bracket, Fnatic and Newbee Eliminated

TI8: Virtus.pro in Lower Bracket, Fnatic and Newbee Eliminated

Yesterday the main event of The International 2018 kicked off with a full house at Rogers Arena in Vancouver. Based on the results of the first day of the competition four teams got eliminated, while two teams dropped to the lower bracket.

After the opening ceremony, which featured an orchestra and acrobatic performance, the competition started in the upper bracket, where Virtus.pro faced PSG.LGD and OpTic Gaming played versus Evil Geniuses. Both of the series looked one-sided and ended with the 2:0 score, with VP and OpTic dropping to the lower bracket. The series in the lower bracket were best-of-one and features several offsets: Winstrike managed to knock out the runner-up of The International 2017 Newbee, while Fnatic lost to Serenity. In the other two series Mineski defeated TnC, while VG outplayed VGJ.T. After the first day of the main event, the playoffs bracket looks as follows:

Today we’ll see four best-of-three series, two in the upper bracket and two in the lower bracket. The schedule looks as follows (UK Time):

  • 06:00 PM – VGJ.Storm vs OG (Upper Bracket)
  • 09:00 PM – Evil Geniuses vs Team Secret (Upper Bracket)
  • 12:00 PM – OpTic Gaming vs Team Serenity (Lower Bracket)
  • 03:00 AM – Virtus.pro vs Mineski (Lower Bracket)

The International 2018 is held in Vancouver, Canada. The prize pool of the event already exceeds $24,900,000, which makes it the largest prize pool in the history of esports.

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